Building the Sasquatch TribeListen now (5 min) | Info on my upcoming projects
Manitoba Premier sends private letter to PM requesting helpListen now (2 min) |
Here is a workshop I co-presented to FAIR: A pro-human discussion about the gender culture and its implications.
Letter to PM Criticizes Cross Border Trucker Policy Listen now (2 min) | A brief article on Premiers Kenney and Moe signing a letter last week with US governors, to try to end the vaccine mandate for…
The Illiberal Emergency ActListen now (5 min) | Via support of the NDP, the Liberals achieved their goal of passing the Emergency Act. The dire consequences are yet to be seen.
Why I Left Canada Listen now (2 min) | A brief statement as to why I left Canada and an update on my substack project.
Ramping up the Narrative Listen now (5 min) | The Great Canadian Protest: who controls the narrative can influence public opinion. That will be the greatest determinant of how…
Suspension for Enactment Listen now (6 min) | The continuing series: The Great Canadian Protest. Government was suspended to allow the police to enact the Emergency Act policy…
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